2012 and the Return of Atlantis

The Winter Solstice of 2012 marks the end of one 26,000 year astrological cycle and the beginning of a new one. On 21st December of that year there will be a cosmic moment when unknown and miraculous things beyond our comprehension may happen. The planetary configurations offer the potential for a huge shift in consciousness so, if you are ready, a unique opportunity for spiritual growth is available to you.The importance of 2012 was understood by the Aztecs and Mayans, as well as the Maori, African and Native American Indian shamans amongst others, who prophesied a twenty-five year period of purification followed by a great shift, though they could not see what this was.Currently we are told that many in the third dimension will move into the fourth, where their hearts will open and they will seek peace. Those already at that level will shift into the fifth dimension and start finding fair solutions to global problems. Some will ascend and pass over. Others ready for ascension will remain on Earth as beacons of light for the masses. However, there will not be a dramatic change. All this will come about slowly.We have an opportunity now to bring back the energy of the Golden Age of Atlantis. Atlantis was originally a continent covering the Atlantic Ocean and was set up as a divine experiment which lasted for 240,000 years. For 1500 years of this the people created heaven on Earth. This golden era was a time of contentment and oneness. Psychic gifts were highly regarded and all latent abilities in children were honoured, valued and developed. Everyone was clairvoyant, telepathic and clairaudient, so everything was open and honest.They maintained this high level of psychic attunement and spiritual connection by being close to nature and by relaxing and filling their lives with simple fun, creativity, laughter and contemplation. They lived totally in the present and there were no past or future tenses or negative words.It was the spiritual technology developed in this time that rendered Atlantis so extraordinary. Housed in the Temple of Poseidon was a new Great Crystal of pure Source energy. This was the power generator for the whole continent and it linked to a network of crystal pyramids, forming a power grid. This enabled people to access clean, free energy for lighting, heating, refrigeration or transport, by tuning their individual crystals into the grid.The Great Crystal was also a mainframe computer. Technological information was downloaded to individual temple crystals, where it was accessed by the immensely powerful Magi and passed to the people to develop.There was no disease. In the earliest days families would regularly visit the temples where the priests would balance and realign each person’s mental, emotional and spiritual bodies using sound and crystals.The healer priests were skilled spiritual and crystal healers, who would use crystal laser wands to perform psychic surgery. Temples of sound were built so that the pitch within was perfect, and sound was used for healing, to knit bones, regeneration of limbs and detoxification. The early Atlanteans were superb herbalists, aromatherapists and hypnotherapists.All the healing methods they used then have been returned to us and we need to develop them. However we more frequently need medical intervention now as we have much more deeply embedded karmic issues to deal with.Marriage was considered a sacred contract for parenthood was recognised as an important spiritual responsibility. Parents-to-be connected with the incoming soul before conception, so that each baby was welcomed and cherished. A priest would examine the aura of the child for his latent psychic and spiritual gifts and talents, which would be developed and honoured by family and community. Children grew up with a sense of self-worth, happiness, belonging and connection.Young children were educated outside in nature, where they were encouraged to express their creativity and learn through song, drama, music, art and play. The aim was to expand their right brain, which keeps the connection to Source open.Later they were taken to the temples to be taught in classes which were peaceful, light and fun-filled. The first qualities to be developed within the children were awareness and respect. The youngsters learnt to watch the energies of plants, animals, people and all things, so they knew if a plant or animal needed help. They understood that they could not hurt anything without hurting themselves.The children’s spiritual and psychic gifts were carefully developed. They were taught self-discipline and elementary mind control. If, for example, a child was hungry and wanted an orange from a tree, he could simply focus on the fruit with his mind and it would float to him. This development of their psychic gifts conferred immense power and responsibility on the youngsters and helped them to grow spiritually.Music was used in the temples to assist the children to relax, so they were able to absorb the information telepathically imparted to them by the priests. While they were in trance the children practised visualisation, so that they could develop powers of manifestation.In Golden Atlantis the people all had twelve chakras so they literally glowed and radiated. However, five closed as the pure power diminished. As we evolve again, these will be re-activated within us, so that we can once more connect with Source and heal our planet.The Angels of Atlantis returned to Earth a few years ago, seeking those who are pure and dedicated enough to work with them to help develop another Golden Era. If you love crystals and dolphins, talk to your plants or dream you can fly, you were probably in Golden Age and have reincarnated now to bring the energy back.People often ask me how I became interested in angels, ascension and Atlantis. I came from a background which was totally non-spiritual, psychic or religious. Yet when I was at rock bottom I called out to the Universe for help and was visited by an angel who showed me my future as a spiritual teacher, a seeming impossibility at the time!However it gave me a vision and set me on a spiritual path. Ten years later the angel returned and asked me to spread information about them, so I started to write books and lecture about them throughout the world. Another ten years on they wanted me to create a school to teach people to run workshops about angels and ascension which I did. The Angels of Atlantis then told me it was important to bring back the energy of Golden Atlantis. With a friend I set out to discover everything I could about Atlantis and the golden era. I was awed by what I learnt.

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