Psychic Development – Deepening Your Connection

For a fair number of people who are incredibly attuned to their inner self, their next stage of “evolution” is trying to speed up their psychic development. Naturally, psychic abilities differ from one person to the other. Some people have the power of: auric sight (power to see other people’s aura,) clairaudience (clear hearing,) clairempathy (clear emotion,) clairvoyance (clear vision,) intuition (perception of information with no portals,) mental influence (a form of telepathy that can be used to sway others,) psychic healing (ability to cure ills using psychic healing,) psychokinesis (power to move objects using the mind,) psychometry (perception of information via an object,) and telepathy (mind communication.) If you think that you have one or more of these special talents psychic development is essential in honing up your powers to a certain degree. But exactly how do you do this? Here are some tips

1. Read more, learn more, and understand more. It is never enough that you know that you have special abilities. Like everyone else, there should be new knowledge coming in so that the person achieves a well rounded insight about what he or she has. Think of this like a form of education. What you may have learned five years ago, may no longer be applicable by today. Keeping an open mind to other possibilities is also important, but this should be balanced out with keeping a critical eye out for inconsistencies as well. The learning process of most psychics revolve more on self-discovery; therefore, not everything you come across with, either in literature or through other psychics may apply to you. The more you know about your special abilities, the better you can harness your strengths and overcome your weakness.

2. Meditate. The mind is the most powerful instrument that any psychic can possess. Unfortunately, the very sad truth is: many people who have these abilities never tap into their full potentials, simply because they think meditation is a useless practice. On the contrary, the art of meditation has been used by the greatest minds since time immemorial. Meditation helps clear the mental clutter that may be holding the psychic back. At the same time, this form of discipline is essential when it comes to training the person to channel his or her energy into one focal point; which in turn, accentuates the inherent power of the psychic gift. Meditate, even for as little as 15 minutes at a time each day, and your psychic development will benefit greatly.

3. Remove your fears. This is one of the biggest steps to psychic re-discovery. Most people with inherent mental abilities are afraid to explore and use their powers, for one reason or the other. It is easy to say that you think you have advance mental prowess; but when it comes to actually using it for the benefit of others is an altogether different topic. In order to know just how far you can go, you need to open your third eye more, and re-discover what you can and what you cannot do. You have to remember that fear is a very strong restraint to your psychic abilities. So getting rid of it can be difficult, but not at all impossible.

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