What Can a Psychic REALLY Tell You? (The Real Truth About Psychic Information)

How much can a psychic really tell you about YOU? Can they see the future? Predict who you are going to marry? Do they know when you are going to get sick…..how long you’ll live or when you are going to die? And if they CAN see all of this private and personal and seemingly “impossible” information, how and from where to they get it?There is much myth, magic and mystery about psychic readings, and the information that comes forth during a traditional session or phone call. In this article I’m going to apply the full force of my own 20 years of experience and answer some of the most common questions I once had, and hear now as well. Curious to know more? Continue reading as we take a closer look below!How do psychics receive their information?Good question! This is actually one of the most common questions that many people ask when trying to figure out whether a reading (or reader) is real, and if so, to understand exactly how they managed to be so accurate. The truth is, different types of psychic get their information from different sources. For example:A medium traditionally claims to get information from your loved ones who have crossed over, or from their spiritual senses. (like guides, or angels, or whatever they happen to believe)A tarot psychic works with cards. (pretty self explanatory, right?)
An astrological reader typically uses charts, or different universal “blueprints” to graph out and map your past, present and future
A psychic detective often uses psychometry, or picks up the energy or aura of items that once belonged to the victim, or the perpetrator of the crime.Other readers use OTHER types of psychic systems that are unique to them. The important thing? That their information is RIGHT!Are all psychics equally as accurate?Absolutely not. Much like Doctors have different levels of skill, education and expertise, so to psychics. As a matter of fact, much the way a skilled professional of ANY kind has a lot of natural, “god given” talent, I’ve found the same thing is true when seeing a medium, clairvoyant or intuitive. Their skills are combination of dedication to their craft…and the natural, inborn gifts they brought INTO their work to begin with.Do some psychics cheat?Of course they do! I’ve always maintained that less than 20% of the readings I’ve gotten in my life have been good. Far less have been GREAT. About 5-7% of the psychic experiences I’ve had have blown me away….but those are the ones you never regret, never forget, and change what you believe is possible, OFTEN in a matter of mere moments. I started off as a skeptic many years ago…and 1 single phone reading changed the direction my life has taken, and it’s THAT sort of psychic experience I wish for all of you as well!

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