Will and Spellcasting

To begin, let us consider what a “spell” is since this term has been very much misunderstood by many who are outside of the realm of alternative spiritualism and religious practices, occult metaphysical science, and magick.In theory and practice, a spell is a method by which energy is moved or transferred; this energy comes from power built up or raised within the practitioner then released in order to carry out or facilitate the spell relative to the four elements (Air, Fire, Water, and Earth)…generally, in the presence of a spiritual entity such as a deity or cosmic force summoned directly or via an instrument of divination. Just as the phases of the Moon affect the Earth environmentally as well as humans (e.g., menstrual cycles), so do lunar activities influence and affect spellcasting and a practitioner’s ability to raise the needed energy to place into the Universe. I will further discuss “Planetary Associations” in another essence about this topic in the near future.From a metaphysical and psychological standpoint, the ego or the self plays the role of a conscious mediating agent between the physical being, the spiritual realm, and physical reality–whether casting magickal spells, performing spiritual rituals, or not. Every action begins within the mind just as every spell begins with a specific need and ultimate goal in mind. The art of spellcasting is a unique form of energy transfer, expression, suggestion, sacred drama, timing, universal balance, and often interconnected with meditation, psychokinesis, telekinesis, and precognition (or clairvoyance).One’s will (i.e., ego infused with the power to produce an effect or cause change to occur) can influence anything and everything if an individual concentrates or focuses her or his will, with intent, on some objective deeply enough consciously or subconsciously. However, with spellcasting, one’s will becomes more intensified due to working with and engaging the elemental forces within nature and spiritual energies within the universe-potentially magnifying, influencing, and thus causing change either mental, physical, or both. Intently thinking about something, in particular, can engage our will to be enforced independent of our conscious thoughts and actions without realizing that we do so at times, thus activating and causing things (good or bad) to occur within our environment and to others. What must be kept in mind is that spellwork is typically well planned and thought out prior to sending forth such powerful energy into the environment.The average individual might “will” (i.e., desire or wish for) what he or she may want or would like to occur based on learned conditioning and through social learning processes, experiences, and behaviors learned from a young age; while on the other hand, the spiritual practitioner performs specific spiritual and/or mystical activities deeply rooted in ancient religious traditions, such as spellwork, rituals, divination, prayer, etc., in order to achieve what he/she wants, affect or cause change, influence future events, or to merely help someone else. And please keep in mind that humankind is very capable of natural psychic ability and expression; it is just a matter of whether one’s ability was suppressed or squelched during childhood. Just observe the various levels of psychic, telekinetic, abilities and activities of Indigo / Rainbow / Crystal / Star children. Within my family, I interact with one of these children on a daily basis; and a very close colleague of mine has confirmed that one of my relatives is, in fact, an Indigo / Rainbow child.The human brain is truly a complex holistic mechanism of neural activity. As “traditional” scientific and medical communities become more educated and aware of these natural capabilities, then they will become much more comfortable and accepting of psychical, paranormal investigative, and para-psychological research.In closing, a “magickal one’s” will plus spellcasting should never be taken lightly due to the enormous amount of etheric energy she/he is able to produce, work with, shape, and thus emit into the immediate environment and onward into our universe. There is interdependence between the universe, mysticism, nature, and physics. Spellcasting has been practiced as esoteric and arcane systems for centuries as a natural (nature-based) and physical art to be explored, understood, practiced, and to behold! And I do suggest that one considers further reading and familiarization with the writings of Drs. Otto Rank, Sigmund Freud, and Carl G. Jung as well as those theorists of Gestalt Psychology and Gestaltism on this topic.

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